About Me

The Fishman's Wireless Fidelity was born on 24 September 2008, when I noticed the lack of options in the management of wireless internet.

I was sitting in a coffee chain store and watching how people would buy a coffee and pay $3.00 for 30 minutes of internet.

I had been sitting in several different cafes and they were offering free internet but hoping people would not user all their internet.

I found a management system that can assist in redressing the balance and make all wireless internet equitable to all.

This eliminates the freeloaders.

1. Market -Target customers.

I believe there is a market in the gap in cafes for internet management service. Not every cafe is suited to it. The target market is one that leave their wifi open.

2. Benefits - cost. Stops wifi squatting and space issue of non-purchasing. Restrictions on bandwidth and time. For a low monthly fee you can provide protection for excess usage and also protect private networks from outside intrusion. As they cannot be achieved by just having a password on your wifi.

3. Offerings. A management system of hardware and software designed to stop parasitic leeching or vacuuming your Internet. So the cafe owner can do what they do best, Make coffee. So you don't need to have one eye on coffee machine and one eye on router.

4. Benefits. We deliver clear value for increasing coffee sales and decreasing Internet seepage. The other benefit is that you don't have the presumption of the customer. It is presumptuous to think that a person is going to sit there and not go "hell for leather". The cafe owner is to use an analogy of "Giving the coffee drinker their EFTPOS card, PIN and saying only take one coffee out and they have a three course banquet.

5. Alternatives are leaving your connection open, hoping they only take what they need or have a large distracting 40 inch plasma with invasive advertising.

6. Proof of concept, Kerynia Cafe and Tramezzini Cafe.

My contact details are:

Level 10, 
50 Market St
Melbourne 3000